Monday, January 12, 2015

FIFA 15 UT revealed GK and Defenders

toty fifa 15 gk def
It’s a big day for those FIFA 15 players who approach Ultimate Team like a mixture of the stock market and Pokemon, as EA reveals the Team of the Year cards. Let us own some FIFA 15 coins to reveal the team of the Year cards in FIFA 15.

From this very moment, it’ll be possible to get stat-boosted Team of the Year versions of Manuel Neuer, Sergio Ramos, Philipp Lahm, Thiago Silva and … David Luiz. Yes, David Luiz is apparently one of the Defenders of the Year. Possibly because of all the hearty cheer he brought to everyone except Brazil during the World Cup?

It’s not like he’s exactly been a rock at Paris Saint-Germain either. Oh well. EA moves in mysterious ways.

The rest of the FIFA 15 Team of the Year line-up can be seen in the following twitter post and in the image below. Other players will become available in packs at a later date. Goalkeeper and defender cards will be around until 6pm (UK time) on 14 January.
fifa 15 toty
25K packs are said to be available for all of the rest of the day, with 15K “no limit” packs sticking around from now until the end of the week. As is usually the case, this is going to have a pretty profound effect on the rest of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team transfer market.

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